“In-Home care is considered the oldest and most respected form of health care”

Around the Home

senior citizen home care services

As we age, preforming even routine chores can become a daunting task. What we used to consider ‘normal upkeep’ on our homes and yards now seems more demanding in both time and effort! Not to worry! Symphony Senior Home Care was founded on the principle of creating one in-home service agency to provide all forms of assistance to seniors as the age in place.

Most in-home providers offer a general list of services, usually centered on in-home companion care or nursing services. But what about all the other prohibitions aging brings into play? Ladders become a very dangerous tool, mechanical updating is often confusing, and as we age, simple tasks such as yard work, snow removal, and normal maintenance, is now beyond the scope of what most elderly clients can perform.

Symphony Senior Services, Inc. can assist with most home maintenance issues, both in and outside of the home! We provide quality workmanship at an affordable price when helping with maintenance tasks around the home. By providing these additional services, we can simplify the process of identifying problem areas, circumventing future deterioration of the home.

Safety brings freedom, freedom defines purpose, purpose allows happiness!

purple check box  Install/check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

purple check box Clean/organize attic, basement, and/or garage

purple check box Window cleaning

purple check box Lawn and garden care

purple check box Snow shoveling – plowing

purple check box Painting service

purple check box Raking

purple check box Spring and Fall clean-up