Home Modification

home modification for seniorsWhen considering elder care, as we advance in years, our ability to continue to live in our own home can become overwhelming. Normal everyday upkeep and chores become more challenging each day. We know it’s difficult to keep up, and asking for assistance can question ones independence. This can lead to deferred maintenance and safety issues for seniors.

Where do I turn? Who can I trust? What changes need to be make to ensure my home is a safe environment that will enable me to continue living independently?

Symphony Senior Home Care is your trusted consultant for updating and creating a safe setting that permits you or your loved one to continue to live independently in the familiarity and safety of your own home! We offer a full range of services to assist you in achieving this goal. It starts with our Free Home Safety Inspection . The Home Safety Inspection has been designed to identify overlooked safety concerns found in almost every home.

Symphony Senior Home Care offers a full range of home improvements specifically designed to enable seniors to safely stay in your home. Improvements can be a simple grab bar in the toilet and tub area, to creating an easy entry Walk-in Shower or tub. We can widen doorways for wheelchair accessibility, add ramps for home access, or add a stair life to access additional floor space within the home.  We specialize in any and more of the following:

purple check box Cabinet Handles
purple check box Hand Rails
purple check box Move Laundry to Main Floor
purple check box Adjustable Shower Head
purple check box Closet Modification to Increase Functionality
purple check box Door and Window Locks
purple check box Kitchen Re-Fitting for Functionality
purple check box Grab Bars
purple check box Walk-in Tub or Shower
purple check box Widening Doorways
purple check box Additional Lighting
purple check box Stair Lifts, Bed Lifts, Tub Lifts