Tom Mathei is………..Falling for you

There are lots of ways to fall. You can fall in love. You can fall out of love. You can fall for a gag. You can fall for a scam. But when you just plain fall down, and you’re 65 years old, it can be a total game changer. The odds are stacked against you, and they don’t really improve much after 65. If you’re lucky when you fall, all you break is your pride. When I found out one in three of us (33%), over 65, will fall during the next twelve months, my initial reaction was, “I must be good for 15% of that myself”.

What a joke! I’ve turned falling into an art form. I am the King of the “face plant”. The most surprising thing is at my age; I’m still a 19-year-old, bulletproof thinker…

Since hitting 65, I have fallen so many times I only remember the incidents in which bills were due. I was doing multiple belly flops in a minefield of extremely serious health issues. My health providers couldn’t tell me why I was falling. So I had to figure it out myself. Here are a few thoughts from my personal struggle:

  • First, find out why you are falling. Sound a little silly? There are dozens of things that might be causal factors in any person falling. Make detailed, dated notes of your falls. Discuss them with your doctor. Make a Plan.
  • Most folks over 65 have several doctors. Appoint one as your Quarterback to monitor all your medications. Some meds just don’t mix and can negatively impact your balance and/or consciousness.
  • Have a professional senior care provider do a thorough inspection of your living quarters to provide guidance in making your home, or apartment senior safe.
  • Stay active. Exercise helps improve balance and attitude.
  • Choose your paths carefully. Know your limitations. As you walk down those paths relax, stop and smell the roses. Please be careful not to bend over, or straighten up too quickly!


Stay healthy and happy, Tom Mathei