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About Delirium

ABOUT DELIRIUM     BY ANNE C. TABAT Community Relations Manager Walker Methodist Health Center   What is delirium? Delirium is a medical term to describe sudden changes in behavior,…

What Killed Elvis Also Threatens Seniors

“Polypharmacy” – A blessing and/or curse By Tom Mathei In the epic battle against cancer and other serious health conditions, researchers and clinicians developed what we have come to know…

Providing Senior Healthcare is Like Hitting A Moving Target

Choosing the correct home healthcare provider By Tom Mathei Aging is a process that begins at birth and simply never stops. All through life we mark some of the more…

Seniors and Technology… When Cultures Clash

By Tom Mathei   If Baby Boomers attempted to catalog all the technological advances that have occurred during their lifetimes, it might take another lifetime, and they would never catch…

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